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West Calder – Installation of Lift Shafts, Staircases and Footbridge


December 2017 Installation

Re-Erection of Refurbished Grade II Listed Box Girders and Cross Girders – Lincoln


December 2017 Installation

Burnley Barracks – Single U-Deck Bridge


November 2017 Installation

Forres – Mosset Burn U-Deck Bridges


October 2017 Installation

Highland Enhancement Project

Grade II Listed Bridge River Witham, Lincoln to be Refurbished by LWC


 River Witham Box Girders to be refurbished and placed around new bridge.  Some parts are 170 years old.

Footbridge with Chevaux de Frise – Parkhouse, Manchester


August 2017 Installation

Eight U-Deck Bridges for River Witham – Lincoln

August 2017 Installation

Time lapse video of removal of existing bridges and installation of new bridges

Falkirk – Glasgow Road U-Deck Bridges


Easter Weekend Installation 2017

Trial Erection for Albrighton

Trial Erection of U-Deck Bridges with Platforms and Collision Protection Beams – April 2017